Sulawesi Cardinal

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Sulawesi shrimp are native to Indonesia and regarded as one of the more difficult species to keep in the shrimp hobby. However these are homebred and tank raised here in Utah, lowering the difficulty to the everyday hobbyist and assuring that you wont have any unexplained losses. They require warm hard water to live comfortably and breed. 

Care: Same care as Neocaridina or Caridina Shrimp

Species: Caridina Dennerli

Sex and size: Unsexed juveniles

Diet: Enjoy eating algae, biofilm, leaves, veggies, and any designated shrimp food. Varied diet is suggested.

Recommended setup: Filtered RO water remineralized to 250 TDS using Salty Shrimp Sulawesi 7.5 Salt, Aragonite or Crushed Coral Substrate and temp 82