About Us

The road to DanQuatics started in 2016, like most, as just a fascination for Aquascaping and a love for Aquatic life. One day stumbling on some Aquascaping videos by ADA (Aqua Design Amano) I was in awe! This quickly led to many hours of researching and watching simple glass boxes turn into stunning works of art; eventually leading me to that moment of watching thousands of beautiful Crystal Red Shrimp by Yu CRS Center. You could say I was hooked! 

Over the course of the next year I started small with a 10g tank of Snow White and 5g tank of CRS . I couldn't get enough of these miniature Water Dragons flying around weightlessly in their home. So much color in such small animals, I just had to have more! I continued doing research, finding more and more patterns for Caridina shrimp, soon growing my collection of Caridina shrimp to over 40 varieties!

I consider this a huge blessing, that I was able to start with and be successful in keeping Caridina shrimp. I attribute this to having been lucky enough to find a home-breeder who cared about making high-quality, hardy, and affordable shrimp right here in the USA. Learning a lot from this breeder, I began to realize that not all shrimp keeping is as painless as it was for me. There is a very common misconception that Neocaridina shrimp are good for the "beginner" as they generally don't require purified water with remineralizer to do well and can thrive in just treated tap water. But there is as catch... a BIG one... you see most of the Neocaridina shrimp being sold by retailers in the USA right now come from out of the country, carrying a deadly parasite that has no cure called Ellobiopsidae or "Green Fungus". It is highly contagious and deadly to Neocaridina shrimp. (i.e. cherry shrimp) Learning this I scoured the internet in search of sources for home-bred Neocaridina shrimp so that I could start to keep this species too. I found NONE! I couldn't believe it... Seeing this I knew we needed to get to work.

I started to source home-bred Neocaridina in small amounts from other reputable breeders that I could find. Slowly building numbers and varieties while also culling aggressively to begin improving the quality of each color we could get our hands on. Progress was slow at first, but the most important thing to us is that people who join the shrimp community, stay in the shrimp community! We make it our #1 goal to provide high quality, disease free shrimp that wont discourage "beginners" by dying or even worse, making them think they have failed at keeping shrimp when they have not.

  • We are a small, family run, business located in Utah. Every purchase makes a big difference on our end and helps us continue to grow as well as the shrimp hobby! Here at DanQuatics.com we PRIORITIZE QUALITY and HARDINESS over QUANTITY for all of our shrimp. From the most budget friendly to the most expensive shrimp we offer, you can have peace of mind that your order from DanQuatics.com will have the HIGHEST QUALITY SHRIMP IN USA!!

Thanks so much for the years of support!