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Nug Bombz is an all organic, raw, premium food hand crafted right here in the USA by myself! All ingredients have been sourced in the USA using only the highest quality! Nug Bombz sink, wont spoil in the water, and break apart easily to feed groups of shrimp, babies, and micro fauna.

Ingredients: Barley, Oats, Spirulina, Soy Shell, Calcium Bentonite clay, Bee Pollen, Alfalfa. (ALLERGY WARNING: CONTAINS BEE POLLEN)

Suggested feeding: 2 times per week (High in protein)

Contents: Each bag contains 25 grams of Nug Bombz

Benefits of Nug Bombz

Barley: Helps maintain a healthy and balanced aquarium by supporting beneficial bacterial growth, clearing water, and providing fiber to aid in digestion. Barley also adds several other vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to aquarium life.

Oats: Provides additional protein, fiber and Beta Glucan which aids in a healthy immune system and digestion for dwarf shrimp.
Spirulina: Further improves the immune system, increases color, and speeds healthy growth of the shrimp and their babies.
Soy Shell: Provides protein and amino acids as well as the perfect surface to support natural production of Mycelium and biofilm in the aquarium. Shrimp, babies and microfauna thrive on this biofilm and Mycelium as a natural form of food.
Calcium Bentonite Clay: Aids with molting and color by providing calcium and trace minerals/elements as well as increasing water clarity by filtering out chemicals and contaminants.
Bee Pollen: Boosts immune system by providing both fat and water soluble vitamins.
Alfalfa: Additional vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, Calcium and Iron.