Awood Bacterial Powder

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Bacterial powder that is specially made for sensitive aquarium species like Caridina and Sulawesi shrimp. This formula helps to establish a stable aquarium environment in a short amount of time.

Contains 15g of bacterial powder.

Ingredients: Enzymes and a variety of dormant beneficial bacteria (heterobasic bacteria, nitrifying bacteria, photosynthetic bacteria, lactic acid bacteria) 

Store in a cool dry place.

Here is a video translated into English on how to setup a shrimp tank using Awood products:


1. Recommended to add powder to a cup of aquarium water and mix before adding. 

2. Setting up new tanks: Use 1 spoon (.2-2.5g) per 50 liters of water.

3. Weekly Maintenance: Use 1/2 spoon (.1-.15g) per 50 liters of water.